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1941 W. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, California 90047 (323) 750-2211, ext. 113


New Testament Church Community Development Corporation (NTCCDC)

The NTC Community Development Corporation was created for our community to empower and sustain our community from a place of God’s compassion by addressing and offering solutions to disparities in:

  • Housing/Homeownership

  • Homelessness

  • Mental Illness

Our Focus is to reverse these inequalities through: 

  • Training Development

  • Support and sustain affordable Housing:

a. Counseling

b. Workshops

  • Emergency Housing/Shelter Referrals

  • Community Giveaways

  •  Economic development

  • Support Individuals and Families impacted by mental illness:

a. Community Awareness

b. Workshops

c. Crisis Referrals

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